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Part Three: From the Other Side

To finish October Breast Cancer Awareness Month I have collected some stories from family that may be of some use. They have inspiring words that can encourage others through their side of the cancer journey. Its a never ending journey for both the cancer survivors and for the family members.

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Part Three: My Anxiety and Motherhood

One of the hardest pieces I have ever written. Truths that I finally want to share. Anxiety isn't a joke and makes millions suffer most of which go undiagnosed. Here is a story of how anxiety and depression affected my motherhood! It pains me to admit to a lot of this but I made it through with the help of God and my family.

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Part Two: My Anxiety and Marriage

If you read God Set me up on a Date then you know how my husband and I met, recap for those reading now. I met my husband in 2013 at the end of September from an online dating site! I had just gotten out of a bad relationship. Which I blamed myself for while!… Continue reading Part Two: My Anxiety and Marriage


Awkward in Friendship But Seasoned in Waiting

How often is to often you find your self asking who are my friends? Well I'm one of them, I was once told that you can only count your true friend on one hand. I never knew what that meant until now. Being confronted in thought while reading a devotional I couldn't help but think. Do I even have any friends, true friends at that. Well let me tell you about it in the post....