Being a Introverted Christian in a Extroverted Calling

I am not a extrovert even if I seems like it. I don't like social events but I make myself go because I know it is good for me. Being a introvert in a extrovert calling sounds overwhelming but it truly isn't. Evangelism isn't for everyone. I want to share with you some insight on how to be a introvert in what seems like a extrovert calling.

Encouragement, Faith

Don’t Let the Enemy Tell You “You Can’t”, Here is Why

I learned an important lesson back in April on my trip to Forest Homes. One that would change most of my mind set and something that will help me over come more of my battles in life. I don't have to do this life alone! I am am here today to write to you all Dont let the enemy tell you "You Can't", read the post and I will tell you why!