Party-or-Treat? Why I chose NOT to celebrate Trick-or-Treating!

Halloween culturally is a night for dressing up and going to house to house asking for candy and sweets. Now while that sounds fun for your family but for mine we don't celebrate Halloween as much anymore. We dont see it as a main holiday like Thanksgiving and Christmas. We see it as more like a Labor day or Columbus Day. So while we dont do trick-or-treating we have a Party-or-Treat. When I shared what my family does for Halloween with a group of other moms I was shamed because it's not what is normal. I was "depriving them" of the trick-or-treating experience and poor them for not experiencing fun. What they fail to understand is that we have a different meaning of fun, a different way of having fun.

Let’s Thank The Fathers Too

I realized there is a lot of us (whether we admit it or not) that do not thank our husbands who are fathers enough. We don't give them enough credit for things that they do. I learned a while ago in a class is that one thing a man truly needs is affirmation that he is doing a good job both as a husband and as a father. So here is an open letter to those fathers out there who need encouragement.

What Not to Say to a Stay at Home Mother

What Not to Say to a Stay at Home Mother is a sarcastic blend of what you probably shouldn't say to your stay at home mom friend or a mother at the store. When I first became a stay at home mom it was a hard adjustment and I let the crude comments get to me for a while. I let the looks at the super market affect me. So here is somethings I want others to realize what you probably shouldn't say and for my mommy followers a good laugh, because you will understand this!