B.A.T.W Submissions

Submissions are OPEN; October 1st -October 31st!

Limited availability 7 slots open!

Hello Fam,

First, a big thank you for wanting to be a part of this blog!

Second I would like to tell you a little about B.A.T.W (Bloggers Around the World)! I am looking for bloggers, writers, and artists to be featured on my blog. Before we get into guidelines and submissions let me talk to you about my blog and what to expect. I am a writer/blogger on my site Milk and Stones as you already know, I am a Christian based writer who talks about my faith, my family, my motherhood experiences and mental health. So if you feel this is the right place for you to be featured then let’s get going.


You must read all guidelines before submitting anything.

  1. I will NOT promote and feature demeaning blogs/writers, any type of marketing blogs, spam blogs, violent blogs, drug blogs, and political blogs. I am looking for Family friendly and or Christian friendly blogs,  I know that narrows this down a whole lot however that I what my blog is related to. You do not have to be a christian blog but it is a plus if it is. I would like to feature lifestyle or what you may have to offer.
  2. I will post the submissions I deem fit, if they do not follow guidelines or not related to the blogs around the world I will not accept them and they will be deleted. I carefully go through submissions. I will not always post all submissions emailed to us due to high volume of emails. If your submissions is not on a post just submit at a different time. I try to post all that will be submitted to us when slot are available.
  3. All submissions are final, once you submit it to us you can not go back and ask for changes if you do not like your paragraphs. So please make sure you have reread your paragraphs and approve of what you wrote. If I have found an error in text I will be sure to email you back letting you know.
  4. If you see anything problematic on the B.A.T.W post please email me directly and I will look into it and try to fix the problem. Problematic as in spelling error’s, feature photo no loading properly, or links not working.
  5. Be friendly and kind to those who are willing to share there blog with us! No cursing or poor language when submitting.  Poor attitudes will result in a forfeit for their slot.
  6. There will only be 6-10 slots available when submitting. I will state how many slots are available when submissions open.


  1. All submissions are to be made by email. Email subject is to be titled B.A.T.W Submission or Bloggers Around the World Submission
  2. State your name (pen name or first and last name) where are you from or what city you are in, only two brief paragraphs (5-7 sentences) about you and your blog
  3. First brief  paragraph is to be about you, including  where you are from. No personal information.  Second brief paragraph is about your blog and one fun fact about yourself.
  4. Feature photo is to be 290×290 dimensions, if you can’t cut it to size or don’t know how.  Please state in email and I will do it for you.
  5. Please link your website in your paragraphs. If you would like to link your social media with your paragraphs that is OK. Maximum of 3 media’s no more than three. You do not have to link your social media that is optional other than your blog link that is a must. Formatting for linking media is to look like example below;






  1. Once Submitted and emailed to me it is final and I will review them and post when I post the dead line.