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Reasons You Should Always Pray For Your Husband

There are many things you can pray for your husband. from his health to his work and from his anxieties to his attributes. Do you face these questions If he doesn't pray for me why should I pray for him? He needs to change, see how he is? But Why do I need to pray for all those things? Well let me tell you why, because they need them. Here are 6 reasons why you should be praying for your husband.


Being a Introverted Christian in a Extroverted Calling

I am not a extrovert even if I seems like it. I don't like social events but I make myself go because I know it is good for me. Being a introvert in a extrovert calling sounds overwhelming but it truly isn't. Evangelism isn't for everyone. I want to share with you some insight on how to be a introvert in what seems like a extrovert calling.

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Be a Leah in a World of Rachel’s

I found some encouragement yesterday as I listened to a podcast from Jon Jorgenson. He pointed out something for a split second that changed a part of a story I didn't even think of. A story from the bible that I have read three times over now has suddenly brought to a new point of view for me and I would like to share this bit with you. I hope this encourages you like it has done to me!