Coming Back With A Burning Fire

Hey there guys! First I want to say thank you to my dedicated readers for being patient with me, I haven’t posted in a while due to some (if not a lot) of personal issues and problems I have to deal with. I was in need to a reality check. BUT I’M BACK and with a burning fire to do better not only for my sanity but for numerous other reasons!

I haven’t felt like blogging in a long time, I lost hope and inspiration on what to write. I lost a few other things in my life as well but that is a problem that I have also dealt with. This past month was my 25th birthday and I couldn’t help but reflect on everything that has happened to me and to our family. The friendships we have gained, the friendships we have lost, the hardships and the good times. I ended up consulted a friend of mine who ended up giving me encouragement to continue to push forward even when things are hard. So that is what I am doing. As you probably have seen I made an announcement on both my Facebook and Instagram about the r word.

I’ve come off the phone with corporate and they have dropped the R word.

Andy Serkis (Richard Kneeland), 13 going on 30


I felt like it was time for a major change in my life, not only for my blog but with other things around me. I felt like I haven’t been myself for a long time, either walking on egg shells with friendships or even being able to express myself the way I want. I would like to state that I am NOT a perfect person period, never thought I was however with knowing that I am not perfect (merely human) I understand that I am still being molded to be the best that I can be. I am an unfinished work of art that is changing. Changing for the better or not is up to me.

So here goes nothing!

Let me formally tell you a little bit about what is happening and what is to come. I have obviously changed the name of this blog from My Little Wild Life to Milk and Stones! Why ? Well first because I felt like My Little Wild Life was a bit to long and wanted to condense it! I also felt like it represented something that is no longer a part of me. As much as my life still can be chaotic it isn’t anymore. Second My Little Wild Life wasn’t putting out the message I wanted to talk about as much as I would of liked. Third I felt as if that title gave to much room to talk about anything. My categorizing became sloppy and I started to post anything verses organized well planned out post I originally planned on. Fourth I wanted something to signify my change to wanting to be a better person.

Why I changed it to Milk and Stones? Let me take a minute to explain

I have being reading my bible which I fell out of doing because of personal issues that arose, I felt lost and wasn’t showing the example I was reading. Felt like I was just reading to read not reading to learn and change and stumbled to the New Testaments 1 Peter 2:2 where Peter is offering encouragement to suffering Christians. He talks about how when we are born again (becoming Christian, leaving our old life behind) we crave the spiritual milk (God and His word) like new born babies so that we might grow up to our salvation. When I first read that I was a tad confused but with the help of my study bible it gave some insight; that we need God’s Word hands down. We need the “spiritual milk” to grown daily in him.

Once again I will say I am not perfect, I have done things, said things, and treated people poorly which I am not proud of. When I stopped practicing what I read and felt lost is when I started acting poorly . Anyway, after I continued to read I got to 1 Peter 2:4 where states that Jesus is the living stone and much like him we are also living stones that are being built.

What the heck does that mean right? Well it means the church, peter portrays the church as a living spiritual house with Jesus as the foundation. The church is the body and Jesus is the head and we are all “stones” that make the church. One stone isn’t a temple or even a wall but many stones can build amazing things. My study bible says “One body part is useless with out the other” I am useless without God.

Something clicked in me we all need the Milk and we all are Stones and need to be stones. We all are growing inside and outside of Christ, with the nutrients that the word provides and as we grow we are being built into better things! Boom there you go Milk and Stones. I can only grow from the mistakes and learn to grow better in God. I can be a stone that builds when I grow!

What Does This Mean

Well after I decided to completely redesign I wanted try and go back to being somewhat organized with my posts. I wanted to stick to three categories I know best. Motherhood, my faith, and Anxiety! With the occasional fun posts/guest posts. I plan on keeping bloggers around the world, I don’t know when submissions will be open but I hope soon. So from here on out I will be posting to almost a schedule and doing my best to inspire you to continue to walk in your faith boldly, fearlessly, relentlessly, and faithfully! I want to get the message across that we are not perfect, not even close to being 80% perfect, we are actually far from it but that is 100% OK! We all mess up because we are human.

I know not every one is going to want to read Christian blogs, I know a lot of my readers may not be of faith so I will post at least twice a week with both funny motherhood things along with my faith. I don’t want to feel like I am shoving it down anyone’s throats so all are welcome here Christian or not!


I hope that you would stick around a while still and keep reading. I still hope to inspire, touch your hearts, and encourage those who read. So let me Welcome you to Milk and Stone officially, and may you be left encouraged.

3 thoughts on “Coming Back With A Burning Fire


    Welcome back and good luck, Alexis! I have been slacking on my praying lately and been feeling like I need to find a church I can relate to. xo


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