5 Easy ways to Stay Safe on Halloween

I don’t know about you but when I was growing up, the weekend of Halloween or the week before, each 4th grade class would hold a skit for Halloween safety. You know what I am talking about, each skit was cute and almost funny but it got the point across to the youngsters like me.

Now I don’t remember costumes being an outfit for 24-year-old stripper, or candy being filled with razors, and even scaring the poo out of innocent people however times have changed and some are for the worst. So those skit should come back.

My mother grew up going trick or treating by herself , I grew up going with my mother! I followed the skits as much as I could. Most of them I still establish to my kids as well!

Going back in time to those skits:

Here are five easy ways to stay safe on Halloween

Don’t Drive

I’ve seen this a lot sadly, parents are becoming more and more lazy. They are not walking with their children around the neighborhood. So they drive it, past each door. They let their kids out to get the candy and then watch them sprint back into the car for each cul-de-sac. It seems harmless but it isn’t.

The neighborhood street is filled with families, kids, pets, and even more than what I can list. Trying to push past everybody on the street in your car is wrong and a danger to them and to you. Second what happens if your child gets grabbed while you were in the car and they were walking up to the door or back to the car? It would take you at least two minutes to unbuckle and do something about it and by the time they’d be gone. I mean you could chase after the car but that is also dangerous.

If you’re one of the parents that drive your kid door to door. Please at least be cautious of those around no matter what. I don’t find it useful to drive door to door and besides your missing out on some exercise and a chance to have some fun.

Lights Off No Candy/Flash Light

Back to school skits were always right about one thing, lights off don’t knock. It’s just smart. Chances of the dark house being a kidnapper is slim to none but still. More than likely it means nobody’s home, they don’t have any candy, and don’t want to be bothered. Not only is it rude and disrespectful buts its dangerous.

It’s also smart to bring flashlights/glow sticks for safety reasons due to the fact that it’s one at night and two you’ll be able to see a lot better. It also lets drivers know your out and about walking so you don’t get run over in your costumes.

Check the Candy

It’s easy as “1 2 3…..check the candy” is what we say at our house after a night of fun trick or treating.

Always check the kids treats before letting them dig in. There are a lot of sick people out in this world who do sick things to kids. Check for loose lollipop wrappers, holes in bags/wrappers that are needle sized holes, rips, or any Oddities to the rapper and or box.

As much as you may think Susan from next door is innocent as can be with her sweet homemade treats from Pinterest, throw them out! You don’t know what’s in homemade treats unless you were there helping make them. I know it sounds good to have home-baked cookies from next door but chances of her being a person that’s does stupid stuff is still a chance. I used to let my kids keep the homemade baked stuff but there was a couple incidences one year that people were making homemade goodies and putting crushed up pills in them and giving them out to kids for Halloween treats. Sickening right? That is exactly what I said.

At this point I know that sounds crazy and my anxiety is just talking but its safety.

So yeah I always check the goodie bag!

Watch the time

It’s easy to get sidetracked with all the fun but don’t stay outside too late. Not everyone hands out candy till midnight. This is also and I were stupid tricksters like to prank people especially with the stupid scary clown Fab what’s going on. Last thing I need is for people to get scared and or hurt during these pranks. On top of that more than likely the older kids are the ones that are going to be out later doing these things. I get that it’s a fun holiday and you want to get as much Halloween candy for your kids but if that’s the case go to the store a couple of days after Halloween and get the left over bags discounted price. Besides chances of your little Halloween monsters wanting to stay up past 9 is a fun thought to entertain. They get tired fast from the excitement, especially the younger ones.

Keep an eye on the kids

As much as I would like to say this is a no-brainer. It’s not, with all the fun things going on from Halloween night to carnival rides and festivals or trunk or treating from the neighborhood. Kids tend to get overwhelmed, then they wander off and follow those who aren’t just to be followed. Stroller your kids, keep them in your grasp. Even then always look out for them. No brainer yeah? Any one can grab a child in a blink of an eye. Halloween is among one of the most high d holidays for kidnappings and hit and runs.

Please overall just be smart this Halloween. In this day and age kids are going missing left and right of all ages, always be safe with lots of love from the Little Wild Family! Enjoy this Halloween! Get lots of candy.

6 thoughts on “5 Easy ways to Stay Safe on Halloween

  1. We always go with a big group of people which is nice because there’s lots of eyes on the kids. This year my aunt put fairy lights on the kids costumes and it made it SO easy to see them all we will definitely do it again next year


  2. 101foodtravel

    Every year my husband and I always pay attention on the candies that our daughter get. And most of the time we only go to places that we know it safe. Thanks for this article, we appreciate it very much.


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