3 Reasons Why Everyone Should: Adopt a Soldier

There are many types of ways to help others around us, from feeding the homeless to volunteering. Has any one thought about the soldiers? I mean they willingly give up there life and freedom to give ours, they often come home with more trauma or don’t come home at all. Some of them don’t have family or friends to support them through their journey.

Well for a while I have been writing letters to soldiers and helping them in any way I can, at the moment being! I felt like I needed to share my experiences and why everyone should do it or try it.

There are many ways you can support our troops across seas, or even here at home! I enjoy writing letters/pen paling and thought it would be a fun thing for my eldest son and I to do so I joined:


There website is linked in the photo above, this is just one of many sites and ways you can get involved and help an US Soldier out. Now Adopt a Soldier is;

Adopt A US Soldier is a non-profit organization that seeks volunteers to help show the brave men and women fighting for our freedom that their sacrifices will not go unnoticed. It connects supportive civilians with deployed troops and offers a channel by which to communicate encouragement and express gratitude to those brave men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces.

-AAUSS Website

*disclaimer I am not getting paid for advertising AAUSS, I am simply sharing which organization I use and the easiest one I use*

Adopting a Soldier is quite exciting, I joined last year in hopes to find someone to pen pal with. I have had more than 3 soldiers assigned to me so far and only 1 has gotten back to me (which is stated what sometimes happens when you first sign up, it is suggested even if you don’t hear from your troop at all to keep sending letters and post cards weekly for encouragement) You get a new soldier by requesting a new one or when their deployment is up. You can send more than just letters but I will talk about that in a moment.

I’ve narrowed the why’s to three main reasons! I found that there were to many reasons both personally and logically so I tried to find the top 3 and this is what I got:


One of the main reasons is staying connected to the outside world, and distracting from the environment they are in. A lot of everyday people (you and me) forget what they are going through most often going through it alone and being so far from home while doing their time overseas. Often times, yes, they do have family members or friends to keep them connected to home however there are more than often troops that are alone and don’t have a support group/person to reach out to!

They all have different stories to tell and often need a reminder of what they are doing there and what they are fighting for.


This goes hand in hand with connections. They need to know they have people rooting for them back at home, in the world we live in today meaning people who don’t respect who is fighting for our freedom that can be hard. With AAUSS you can send your soldier a care package or goodies from home which is linked for what you can send. Most of the time they welcome basic supplies and goodies from home.

If you can’t send a package that is perfectly OK, letters of encouragement are just as welcome. Post cards and holiday cards are welcome too. I often write letters of encouragement with bible verses (at their digression, always ask if you can or if they are OK with that first) to lift them up and feel empowered! Sometimes they just need to know that God’s got their back as well!

Extended Family/Needed

As I stated before a lot of our troops don’t have family or friends to keep them distracted or connected with a full support team behind them. That’s where we come in! We have the ability to show them that someone does care about them and what they are doing for us. They are willing to give up their time, freedom, connections, life etc..for us! LET THAT SINK IN!

A lot of time if you get assigned a soldier and they already have a family member to talk to they will pass off your letting within their group to someone who needs a person to talk to! This recently happened to me! The troop I was assigned didn’t need me as a sponsor and gave my letter to a buddy of his who needed connections with the outside world! Isn’t that touching! He helped a buddy out who needed someone!


So over all supporting our troops is probably one of many excellent choices I have made in a while! I will continue to do so. They need extra support through the holiday seasons that are nearing too! I enjoy reading what they have to tell me, lifting them up in prayer and spirit, helping when I can, and giving them hope! You should too!

What is one thing you can do to help a fellow soldier or person?

16 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Everyone Should: Adopt a Soldier

  1. J L

    I know this is a rather old posting but if anyone has a link or can direct me to an option to “adopt-a-solder” I would be most appreciative. The AAUSS you speak about in this blog has “ceased operation” and I have not been able to find another operation possibility that is open to civilians. Please help! Thanks


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