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Clearer Skin with Rose Oils!

It’s sad to say but I’ve had acne since I was fourteen! Maybe even longer….

I felt like I have tried everything under the sun, from some oils (which growing up I learned was bad because I already had oily skin then turned to dry skin from pregnancy) to face creams. There are so many things on the market that claims to clear skin!

After a while I felt frustrated. The one thing I shouldn’t have done but did was give up on my skin care. I tried name brands, birth control, face scrubs, witch-hazel, toner, proactive, you name it I’ve probably tried it. During my pregnancies my acne got worse and I felt more frustrated. Two years after my first child the acne died down and I didn’t feel as bad. I just couldn’t sweat or make my skin any more oily. As if right!?!

Well a friend of mine suggested rose oil! I thought she was nuts. I mean my skin after three pregnancies is no longer oily but super dry and I, to my surprise, never tried rose oil. I never even heard of it. I got it at Ross of all places. However when we were shopping at there together I found a small glass jar that she had recommended. I debated about it for a moment and though well can’t get any worse.

Let me tell you!

My adult acne isn’t as bad and it is somewhat going away. I don’t think it’s cured it but it helps. It also is a great product to use before you put on makeup it keeps your skin looking fresh and not dry out with make-up. It works just as well (for me at least) as a primer. I still break out and mainly on my neck but it has gotten better. It also leaves my skin feeling soft and smells great.

The hubby even noticed a change and commented that I smelt of roses. He didn’t know why for a while!

Now honestly it was only $6.99! It’s the best seven bucks I’ve ever spend on myself in a while. I don’t know if all Ross’s carry this specific one but the one we were at did. I looked for it online and has it for $17.99! It’s the only two places I’ve found that sells this specific product/name brand with the dropper with roses inside the bottle. I tried amazon but they didn’t have this product!

There are many different rose face oils out there and some that are probably cheaper but this one works for me! I will have to say that this is probably the only beauty product I’ve loved enough to want to buy it for $17! However I will continue to get it from Ross until they stop selling it!

*disclaimer this is only how rose oils worked for me, I am not held responsible for how rose oils affect your skin. I am just sharing my experience… *

How to use this product:

  1. Open the bottle, be careful because it is a glass bottle and dropper. Drop it and it will break. (Duh!)
  2. Pinch the dropper until a good amount is in dropper. (Use sparingly)
  3. Squeeze the dropper on to forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck! I will have to say you don’t need a lot! A little goes a long way so one or two drops per side.
  4. Rub/Massage into face! It absorbs fast and feels good when massaging into your skin! It also leaves skin feeling soft and smelling good

I will say that if you have oily skin then use super sparingly! It does take some getting use to, for blemishes it did make a lot of mine come to a head faster but once my skin got use to the oil the blemishes started to fade. I would very highly suggest for best results wash face before applying or else it will only lock dirt into your pores and you will break out worse!

I am super amazed at the rose oil, I was skeptical at first. I didn’t want to hop on the essential oils bandwagon that’s happening nowadays, but I am happy that I did! I love the fact that is has dried roses in the oil! Also that you don’t need a lot of it and don’t have to keep reapplying it! There were a lot of products that I have used in the past that I would have to apply over and over! Just because it absorbed but didn’t do anything or I sweat it off. This product also reduces redness for blemishes, as least for me it did!

If you have this product tell me how you like it and if it works for you! Another great product to use is Curology which I have wrote about. I enjoy both products!

What products do you like?

10 thoughts on “Clearer Skin with Rose Oils!”

  1. I’m glad you found something that works! I remember struggling with acne, and it’s very frustrating. Luckily after pregnancies it’s been doing pretty well (knock on wood). I also have dry skin (always have had) and most acne treatments make my skin break out even more because they’re meant for oilier skin. It took me years to figure it out!


  2. I’ve never heard of these but I’m going to try it! Pregnancy has done a number on my hormones and my skin has been driving me crazy recently!


  3. I just recently started getting into oils and haven’t heard of rose oil yet! I love the idea though! And having something that not only helps to tone down the acne but leaves you smelling good too!


  4. Hmm I think I need to try this! I have always had skin issues too, but have since got it under control with a great Canadian skin care company. I still think this rose oil would be a great addition, thanks!


  5. I noticed a drastic difference in my skin when I cut out dairy and drank soy milk, which has some natural estrogen (phytoestrogens). My skin cleared up so well! I use Kiehl’s night oil which has lavender and it’s really nice too. Will try out the rose oils too!


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