Interview With: My Hubby

So I decided to do something fun and different, I decided to interview my husband! My other half agreed but found it unnecessary. Lets start:

So my love, can I interview you?


Because I think it would be fun for my readers to get to know you too!


Your acting like our children!

-Yea and your point is *smiles and laughs*

What about being a dad do you like most

-Watching them grow up

What about being a dad to a little girl do you enjoy most?

-Watching her grow up from being a little girl to a young lady

Do you worry about their future?

-That’s a stupid question

What was it like experiencing being a dad for the first time?

-Crazy exhilarating

What is the best thing about being a dad to three?

-Watching them sumo wrestle each other

And the worst thing?

-They gang up against you

What is the # one thing that annoys you about me?

-You move my stuff around when you clean up, then I can’t find it!

What is the best thing you love about me?

-you’re my other half, my better half

This is true! One thing I could work on as your wife?

-LESS SHOPPING, no clearance shopping and not to annoy me so much

I Think that is impossible love

-Ya think? Are we done now?

Fine that concludes our small interview!

He answered with sarcasm and grins but over he laughed. I want to do this again!

What would you ask your hubby?

7 thoughts on “Interview With: My Hubby

  1. My favorite was, “What is the best thing about being a dad to three?”
    “Watching them sumo wrestle each other.”
    Made me laugh, I would love to see that.


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