What Makes a Good Ministry

When looking for the right church to be in we tend to get really nervous. I don’t know about you but when I started my path in faith I didn’t like some churches. Sad to say but its true. Some felt old and dusty, some felt unwelcoming, and even dry in the atmosphere.

However when I was finally convinced to go to my grandmothers church, Life Springs in the Vegas valley, I felt at home. Why because the people there are welcoming and of faith if that makes sense. When in the market for a church, as bad as that sounds, you need to look at key points of a church to base whether you want to become part of their family.

So here is the question what makes a good ministry? I think there are many things that play a part but some more important things than others like the kids ministry. I know ours is great thanks to Mrs. Caylen who is our children’s director. She always has the kids needs in mind and is always there for them. When my son first started going I felt as if he was just going to go and play. Now he is learning, engaging, and coming home with the spirit in his heart and I feel I have to thank Mrs. Caylen for that. I believe she is one of the people who encouraged him in faith. Thanks to her and her team my oldest son chose to be baptized.

Another thing that makes a good ministry is the atmosphere. Is it welcoming or do people just stare at you like you’re a fish out of water? When I first started at Life Springs they were always friendly and they greeted you with hugs, because we are family there. Even if your new or just visiting you are family. With a small café type ordeal in the corner you can grab some joe and sit down to listen to our pastors messages. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard about people who attend a church that didn’t love the atmosphere. Which is sad, because you should feel overwhelming of love when entering gods place.

What also makes a good ministry is the pastors and what they preach (how they preach), our senior pastor and associate pastor are both phenomenal in giving the word of god. Every Sunday they have an outline for you to follow along with and to fill in the blanks, a wonderful way of taking notes. I can’t tell you how many times this has come in handy, there are days where I am lost and their notes help me follow along. I have seen some pastors on YouTube who sound like the teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. They didn’t have passion for what they do!

Last another thing that makes a ministry great is the ability to grow in that community, having the opportunity to join small groups. Being able to have support of a community and grow with them, having the time to make godly friends through small groups. I enjoy our small group programs, they help you if you aren’t sure what group to go in. Some vary on age, or marriage, or just looking to start. The group I was in was great I made friends that I didn’t think I would. I have never been one to make friends easy but it helped me step out of my comfort zone. Also the music! In my preference music is a must. Good music to worship to, I am new school in that sense I guess.

What ever does make a good ministry is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has their own reason why and own preference’s. However I believe these are key reasons on what makes a good ministry. Oh I almost forgot the very last key to what makes a good ministry is the passion the congregation has for worshiping our Lord and the passion to make it good. Pour you heart out and chances are good things will happen!

Let me note that by no means am I an expert to know these. It’s based on what I feel and what I have seen. I am still new in faith so this is based on my experiences so far.

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