Fourth of July Tips to Having a Safe and Good Time

We all know Fourth of July is a fun-filled holiday. Full of watermelon, sunscreen, dog’s on the grill, and fireworks. As mom’s we can already calculate all the ways things could go wrong! Here are some awesome tips for, not only staying safe, but to make life easier on the Fourth of July!

Prepare what you need ahead of time

If your one to throw parties no matter how small, prepare a week in advance to the night before. Calculate how many guests so you can accurately buy what you need. Get the ice for coolers the night before as well, I can’t tell you how many times we forgot ice and they were sold out on the day of.

Another great way to prepare is to set up the decor the night before too, one last thing for you to have ready before your guests show up. If there is any food you can make the night before do it, like potato salad or desserts. The main course hamburgers and dog’s can wait till the day of.

The morning of all you will have to do it sit, wait, pull the food out of the fridge and then cook the burgers. No fuss!

Animals Indoors Please

For all my animal lovers, I know we think Fido is ok with the fireworks and loud noises, but trust is he/she isn’t. Fourth of July is ranked number one for animals that run away. If your going to have your furry friend with you make sure there chipped, tagged, leashed, and comfortable. That way if the do seem to escape your know they can be found easily.

If you have a cat I would suggest keeping them indoors and find a place under your bed to clear for them to run and hide, same with dogs. They are truly frightened and don’t like the loud explosions of fireworks. Cats find comfort in a dark safe spot in easy to find places.

Another thing is if you are leaving your furry friends at home kennel your dog, put on some music, and make the kennel as comfortable as you can. For me that’s hard because both my dogs shred through everything and try to escape. So I have to make sure they are as comfortable as I can make them if I am going out on Fourth of July.

If you don’t kennel your dogs I would suggest keeping them in a room that isn’t by the front door, so they can’t dart out when you come home. Always make sure they have plenty of water out and put a couple treats out for your fur babies.

When having a good time with your pets safety is first.

Pool Time Fun

The pool can be a fun place, but if you’re having a lot of children over or having a pool party, keep pool safety in mind. Dry drowning isn’t fun and can be avoided.

Keep pool toys to a minimum if a lot of bodies are in the pool, especially any big floats to lay on. Keep an eye on children. One pool safety rule my grandparents taught me was if there isn’t an adult in the pool then get out of it until one can be. I’m sure you guys already know basic pool safety!

When my family and I go swimming we always have a couple bottled waters by the pool. Always re-apply sunscreen when you can. I live in Vegas which feels like we are closely orbiting the sun! It gets hot out there fast, so we block up so we won’t burn up.

Have fun by the pool side with fun water toys, like super soakers or sponge wars. Take brand new sponges and trow them at eachother, it is a better alternative to water balloons.

Fireworks are Pretty but Hot

When I was growing up my grandfather always filled a huge painters bucket with water for the fireworks, especially the sparklers. When you are done with them you put them in the bucket and they would sizzle out. Making sure nothing caught on fire. For the other fireworks he would wait till they cooled off and picked them up to put in the bucket for extra measures.

When doing fireworks with toddlers I always made sure they we’re by me, or sitting on the front lawn. Another way is to pop open the trunk, if you have the trunk space or bigger car, and make it like a fort. Like when going to the drive in movies, make it fun!

Another thing you can do is give them the pops, or correctly known as bang snaps, I really don’t know what they are called but you throw them on the ground and they pop. I have used these to entertain my children while setting off fireworks for a while.

Drink But Stay Safe

Guys I know this is one of those drinking holidays but stay safe, be responsible. If you’re driving to the party, get a taxi or uber instead. Better yet take a uber there or have a friend be a designated driver (or as my mother and I call it the apple juice drinker). If you’re at the Lake and drinking ware a life vest, stay as safe as possible.

Always see if you can tag a friend to be your designated person in case of emergencies and safety. Over all just be responsible. Drinking is fun but not at the cost of a life whether it be yours or another person.

As for drinking being fun some handy ideas to have a good time are beer pong and quarters.

Over All Remember Why

Fourth of July is a time for remembering why we are celebrating. It’s when we became free as a country, not a pity excuse to party and drink. Celebrate the fact that we are a free country and mourn all those who lost there lives or loved ones to keep us free! It’s our day we won Independence and a day that we still have our independence due to brave young men and women who sacrifice there lives and time for us.

The Fourth of July isn’t a hallmark holiday, it’s a day to take pride in America!

6 thoughts on “Fourth of July Tips to Having a Safe and Good Time

  1. We often safety awareness at parties but so important, especially at the pool. I’ve always liked the idea of designating an adult in the family as “pool guard” just to keep a general eye on everyone at the pool. Thanks for the tips! Cheks from thismamaandherkids


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