Worship Sunday

Like fellow Christians I go to church almost every Sunday, I state almost because there are days where I don’t feel like it or have something going on that I can’t. No matter the case Sunday is a day where is ends the old and starts the new.

The days I don’t feel like going to church, I feel like a bad christian playing hooky like a teen ditching school. I shouldn’t feel that way, but there are just days where I don’t feel good, or want to stay home. Let me just say, you are not a bad christian, God will not strike you down with lightning for missing a service once in a while. Church is not a building, church is the fellowship of his believers coming together to praise Him. Our bodies are the church! Now I’m not saying stop going to church altogether! However we are his church.

On the days I don’t go to church I still do something to worship him, even though we should being it all the time! I will put worship music or sit and do a 30 minute bible time. I will also watch services like Michael Todd on YouTube or Elevation church. Most churches now audio record or video record their services. My church (Life Springs in Vegas) audio records their services so I never miss out on services and can continue what lessons we are on. Our pastors deliver good sermons.

It brings me great comfort to have service in the comfort of my home, because there’s days where I don’t want to get dressed and go out especially in Vegas heat. If you’re a follower and live in Vegas you know summer isn’t all fun in the sun, it’s staying in high air conditioning buildings!

So when I can stay at home and skip the getting in the car, driving in the heat. Plus I don’t like dragging the kids in the heat either! Although they love Sunday school, there are days where I can tell even my children don’t want to go especially R.J! Some days she is super cranky and doesn’t want anything to do with anybody! I do feel bad when I don’t go because my Jedi’s miss out. They love it, which I’m proud of! Raina comes home singing kid worship songs I grew up with, Le reads his bible, M.G doesn’t understand it but loves the company of the nursery. M.G already has two favorite care takers, and loves them!

So when you don’t feel like going, this is a post for my fellow playing hooky people! Do one or all of the following.

Look for your Church online

If your church has a website, which chances are they do, see if they do audio recordings or the services and follow along. Some even do live feed on Facebook! It’s a helpful way of keeping with the flow and not missing out. Put it on while your cleaning or watch it at night when the children fall asleep so you can really listen to it!

Find YouTube Services

Like I said I like watching Michael Todd from Transformation Church and Elevation Church! They are good at what they do! There are thousands of videos on YouTube of churches and services that you can look for.

Listen to Music

If you found audio recordings listen to them while you’re doing whatever it is that is keeping you from service that day, whether it be from work or just don’t feel good listen to the service or worship music. I listen to worship music while cleaning or relaxing. As you listen to worship just pray and have five minutes to just Him and you. Do more that five minutes if you want, I do at least twenty due to the kids always doing something.


Take some time on Sunday and pick a devotional and journal it! it doesn’t have to be big but just enough so you can at least sit down and be with God. I have my husband watch the kiddies so I can at least get my time in!

Back to the point God won’t punish you for not going to church every single Sunday just find a way to worship anyway!

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