Mama’s Who Prefer To Drink Their Coffee Hot

Coffee is my morning

Just wanting to sit down with my morning cup, peacefully, trying to wake up before the chaos hits.

Letting the warmth fill me up will I am energized to tackle the day. It’s not really like that, right mama?

Morning is when you are suppose to wake up early, do your morning routine like bible reading and coffee drinking. Preparing your day for what is to come however….

There are so many days where I make myself a cup of nice hot coffee and plan on drinking it that way. I plan to sit down and watch the chaos of breakfast not being eaten because it isn’t what they wanted. I plan to sit and sip of the warm sup that is known as my go go juice. Well that plan quickly fails with all my to-do lists I make as all the chasing around the house I have to do. The unplanned mess of motherhood.

Warm coffee is a luxury that most take for granted. If you are morning person you get that luxury of being able to enjoy the peace while drinking a delicious cup before the monsters rise from deep slumber. Being able to just sit in silence in the comforting arm-chair, no little minions running around and no screaming. Isn’t that a dream come true if it happens that way but more often than non it doesn’t.

However we have to deal with that because we are MOM! Like I said I let my coffee go cold and stale because I forget to either drink it in the madness of the day. So busy that by the time I get to take a sip the warmth has left the cup and it has gone cold. There was one day that I was so busy I went to reheat my coffee in the microwave and found my cup of coffee from earlier that day. I had forgotten to take it out of the stupid microwave and poured me a new cup that once again ran cold. Sad thing is I didn’t even remember making the cup that was sitting in the microwave waiting to be sipped on.

I enjoy coffee, it’s my life line, my go to when I need it. I am an avid mug collector as well, I love mugs which is perfect for my coffee addiction. When I don’t have a cup in the morning, I don’t feel like I’m doing my best, either that or it runs cold and tasteless. I am not a morning person so I don’t wake up nearly as early as I should to enjoy me time. My me time is either nap time or bed time. I know that I shouldn’t let coffee predict if I am grumpy or not but it is the same if I don’t read my bible daily, I am not on my A game with out either.

But here is the bright side to cold coffee that never gets reheated. That cold cup means you took the time to straighten the house so it wasn’t a mess, took time to play with the kids, making them laugh and smile. It means you took time to pack lunches and wash dishes so they had food to eat and plates to eat off of! That cold cup means you would rather sacrifice your “you time” and be mom! You would rather your kids enjoy moments with you than you enjoying a coffee alone.

Being a mom is stinking hard; we cook, clean, play nurse, be a chief, and many more things. We don’t get 15 minute coffee breaks and if we do we are lucky! We don’t get down times or even less potty breaks without the whole gang intervening like it is a intervention.

Another bright side to a cold cup is turning it into iced coffee! It saves me money from buying the cold brew when I go food shopping (what we call grocery shopping). Sometimes iced coffee tastes better anyways and it’s on the go. You can cup it, ice it, and play at the park with it!

As I sit and watch my three wild Jedi’s in training, having fun and playing today, I remembered my coffee that I let run cold because I took time to play with them. I took time to enjoy life than enjoy the luxury of a hot, vanilla creamer filled, sugar added coffee that I might of needed. So I urge you put down that warm cup no matter how delicious it tastes, enjoy the house work and the fun times. No more in a moment I need to drink my coffee excuses, God loves the little moment as much as the big ones so we need to too!

12 thoughts on “Mama’s Who Prefer To Drink Their Coffee Hot

  1. mamaofkings13

    I love the perspective you presented! I have three littles myself, and very rarely get to enjoy my coffee while still hot. I also started turning my coffee into either iced coffee or frappucinos! There are plenty of hot cups of coffee waiting for me somewhere down the line.


  2. Lena Biggs

    I don’t drink coffee every morning. It’s a treat for us to go out and get coffee in the morning as a family, but I am totally this way with my oatmeal in the morning ha ha I love this post with a positive spin on something that most of us complain about


  3. Sarah Cornell

    I usually get my coffee during my blog time while my son, who is 10, completes his school work for the day and somehow I STILL end up with cold coffee! LOL.


  4. misssfaith

    Sometimes I wonder what the taste of a hot coffee was – it seems ages ago 😉 Moms love ice coffee and hey, did you try ice tea, it’s great as well!


  5. Liz Giertz

    Ahhh…. yesssss. Know the joys of cold coffee well! And my kids are 12 and 9! Maybe some day I’ll get to drink it hot. But I’d probably just burn my tongue! LOL Blessings!


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