Awkward in Friendship But Seasoned in Waiting

How often is to often you find your self asking who are my friends? Well I'm one of them, I was once told that you can only count your true friend on one hand. I never knew what that meant until now. Being confronted in thought while reading a devotional I couldn't help but think. Do I even have any friends, true friends at that. Well let me tell you about it in the post....

5 Must Haves for Bible Study

Are you lost in what to get for starting bible study? Don't know what do get? Is this your first time and feeling overwhelmed and don't know what to get? Well I have writtedn 5 of my must haves for Bible Study! Not everyone is the same and everyone has something different they use and like. However 5 must haves for Bible Study items that everyone needs for their learning. Theses items are obvious and blunt with out being complicated.